Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011- 2012 Season Line-Up

For the complete 2011- 2012 Season Line-Up for the above venues, please see the October/November issue of AroundTown.  

Meet the Artist: Julian Acosta

What careers besides Art have you had?
Most of my professional career has been in marketing and product management. I am sure that attending photo shoots and my involvement with advertising and promotions, is what lead me to pursue an art education.

Some of your paintings are expressive representation of the human condition. Why this topic in particular? 
I can’t think of many things more fascinating than human beings! With all our complexities and sophistication, we really have not changed much in how we deal with our lives and each other. I really love to watch people be, no matter who, no matter where.   

Within this theme, you focus on spirituality….what inspires you?
Spirituality is one of the aspects of the human condition that I am interested in, along with Physicality, Intellectuality and Emotionality. For me, spirituality is fundamental to who and how you be; it means living in alignment with what matters to you, not just talking about it or acting like you are somehow closer to god than the rest of us.   

You have a unique and vivid color scheme and a certain depth. How do you create your style?
Color is a wonderful tool, but no more important than line or shape or tone, etc. My earlier work was not as colorful – perhaps there is some hidden reason for that. Although I am on the high scale for being analytical, but I don’t start out trying to execute a particular art style. Whatever the creative source, I’m comfortable having the piece evolve stylistically.

In your own words…share with AT readers something unique about you personally?
“I am blessed. I also have had a life full of rich experiences, international travel, etc – As a boy, I spent many long days at an airport, where my dad worked, reading all kinds of magazines and seeing thousands of people from all over. I met movie stars, athletes, politicians – I’ve been within reach of two U.S. Presidents and actually met one. But my favorite is a photo I have with my boyhood hero: Walt Disney.”

Unique Exhibits at the Coral Gables Museum

On Saturday, October 22nd, The Coral Gables Museum will be unveiling several new exhibits to the public. The launch will take place during the Museum’s inaugural weekend, which kicks off on October 20 with the “Real Castles in Spain” dinner at the Biltmore Hotel, a rare gastronomical event featuring the renowned chefs of the prestigious Paradores hotels in Spain. The Museum building, which once served as a police and fire station to the city of Coral Gables, will house five unique exhibits, including a display of antique Spanish maps and a tribute to Anthony Abraham, a longtime Coral Gables resident and one of South Florida’s most prolifi c philanthropists. 

The largest exhibit to be featured this fall will be “Creating the Dream: George Merrick and his Vision for Coral Gables,” which also serves at the theme for the inaugural weekend festivities. Curated by Ms. Parks, renowned historian and author, the multi-room exhibit highlights the genius of George Merrick, his family and other visionaries who inspired him and helped him turn his dream into reality. 

The Museum will also present “Bringing Beauty into Our lives: Art and Architecture in Coral Gables During the New Deal, 1933-1941,” curated by John A. Stuart, Professor of Architecture and Chair of the Department of Architecture and Florida International University. The exhibit honors a time when Coral Gables boasted a vibrant community of local artists and architects. 

Another featured exhibit, “Coral Gables’ Sister Cities: Partners in Peace,” will be displayed as a dedication to the City of Coral Gables’ beloved sister cities, part of an international movement launched by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. Images and text will tell the story of our nation in a Cold War environment and how Eisenhower, with his extensive wartime experience and leadership abilities, rallied the public to reach out to citizens of other nations in an effort to promote cultural understanding and world peace.

The Coral Gables Museum celebrates the civic arts of architecture, city planning, landscape architecture, historic and environmental preservation and history—the elements that defi ne Coral Gables. For more information, please visit us at or call 305.603.8067.

Taste, Tango & Toast the Andes

Each year under the glow of the harvest moon, guests gather at the historic Deering Estate at Cutler to celebrate the fine wine, fine food and fine art of a specific region of the world. South America’s rich culture is the focus of “Taste, Tango & Toast to the Andes,” at the 10th annual Wine on Harvest Moon, presented by BMW South.  On Saturday, October 15th attendees experience the ambience of Chile and Argentina through wine tastings, a celebrity chef cooking demo featuring Sugarcane’s Timon Balloo, and top area restaurants preparing variety of scrumptious Latin-inspired dishes. Dancers dressed in traditional native costumes perform an Argentine tango, and Chilean folk dances, and the work of Andean painters and sculptors are highlighted in the exhibit, ”Just North of the South Pole.” A high-end auction ends the evening with items that include travel to exotic destinations in South America.

The Deering Estate at Cutler is located  at 16701 SW 72 Avenue in Palmetto Bay (Miami). Proceeds from WOHM benefit the Deering Estate Foundation whose mission is to support education, research, natural conservation and historical restoration and preservation. Tickets for Wine on Harvest Moon: $125, and $100 for Foundation members. Call 305.235.1668 x263 or log on to: