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With all the arousing nightlife, and adult events in South Florida, it is difficult to find an event that combines family fun, live music, and great food. Fortunately, the Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup, or BTTR, is back and better than ever.

The BTTR is a weekly culinary dream where over 25 food trucks come together and whip out their finest mouth-watering creations for all to enjoy. Located across the Johnson & Wales campus on NE 127th Street and Biscayne Blvd., with plenty of free parking, the BTTR event has gained popularity and a fantastic reputation as a family fun gathering for all, and a religious weekly event for some.  Mark Tuesdays on your calendar, and head out to BTTR from 5:30PM to 10PM to give your taste buds the treatment they deserve.  Say goodbye to the days where food trucks only stood outside of warehouses or construction sites, and say hello to a new era of Food Trucks where they are revving up their engines to serve authentic and delicious dishes on the go.

At BTTR, everyone is welcomed, and by everyone, we actually mean it. Bring the entire family, and that includes furry family members as well.  BTTR offers an open atmosphere to enjoy lovely weather, great music, and even better food. On a location with a huge lawn, guests are known to roll out blankets, bring out lawn chairs, and even a football for the kids to play. All in all, the BTTR event is a wonderful gathering for all to enjoy. Live music is usually provided which only boosts the amazing atmosphere. Just imagine sitting on a lawn chair, listening to jazz, watching your children play, chatting with friends, all the while indulging in a scrumptious pulled pork or a gourmet cheese sandwich. BTTR has something for everyone, and the varieties of foods are just as diverse as the guests themselves.

Based on the idea of local, seasonal and fresh, the Slow Food Truck provides fulfilling and delicious dishes, cooked with love and care.  The Slow Food Truck’s mouth-watering menu will have even the most decisive customer pondering on what to order as every single dish sounds just as delicious as the next. From short ribs, pulled pork, freshly ground burgers, and just about anything that can be put on a grill, the Slow Food Truck provides an array of enticing dishes.

Staying true to its local, seasonal, and fresh concept, there are no freezers on the truck and none of the ingredients are processed: a great, and hard to find quality in today’s food industry.

The masterminds behind the truck, Oren Bass and Zachary Schwartz, are graduates of Johnson & Wales culinary school, who came together with the idea to work independently and make delicious food accessible to even the most on-the-go customer. Redefining the food truck industry, the Slow Food Truck provides hearty and wholesome meals in a Slow Food inspired, yet quick manner.

With unique recipes such as the Short Rib Sandwich, the truck’s signature dish, made with Coca-Cola and five Chinese spices, it is no wonder that the Slow Food Truck has gained its remarkable reputation and popularity in just six months. So much so, that they are now opening a Slow Food Truck CafĂ© in North Miami Beach which will be open Monday through Friday 7AM-2:30PM. But, for the fast-paced customer, their food truck locations are not definite and are posted daily on Twitter and Facebook. 

Jefe’s Original, easily known for providing “the best fish tacos in town,” is a food truck on a mission to bring Ensenada style fish tacos to South Florida. From West to East Coast, Jefe’s Original has successfully brought the flavors of Mexico by way of California to Miami and provided its customers with authentic taste traditionally only found thousands of miles away.

Jefe’s Original’s owner, Jack Garabedian, has not only made it a priority to serve genuine, top quality foods, but to make these foods easily accessible to the public by creating and organizing the BTTR event.

All tacos are inspired by the Ensenada style, and Jefe’s embraces the style to the fullest, as the fish used comes straight from the Pacific coast of Cota Rica, the same waters used in the Ensenada tacos. One bite out of Jefe’s Original Ensenada Style Fish Taco and one will be transported back to Jefe’s mother’s beach side shack. While the recipe remains a secret, the Ensenada Style Fish Tacos on the menu are made with soft fresh corn tortillas, stacked with Jefe’s Original beer batter crispy fish, shaved fresh green cabbage, authentic Pico de Gallo and cooling house made crema, served with a fresh lime squeeze, and if that doesn’t get your mouth watering, I don’t know what does! Yet, the goodness at Jefe’s Original’s continues: not only does Jefe’s make a huge effort to maintain true to form with authentic Ensenada taste, but they put in a huge effort to provide the highest quality ingredients to its customers by making their own sauces, hand cutting each French fry, and hand picking each vegetable. The Jefe’s Original menu continues past Ensenada Style Fish Tacos, providing Tacos Carnitas, Taquitos, Real Deal Fries, and All-American Burgers.

Like most trucks, Jefe’s Original is constantly on the go, rolling six days a week with approximately ten shifts per week and off on Mondays. There are no set locations, so following Jefe’s on Facebook or Twitter is the best way to know their whereabouts. Yet, on Saturday and Sundays the truck can be found at Haulover, a breakthrough in the Food Truck industry as it is the first time a food truck services in a park. 

Sugar Yummy Mama is the epitome of gourmet confections on the go. With handcrafted cupcakes, cake pops, cake balls, and classical creations such as Cake Push Pops, it is no wonder Sugar Yummy Mama has built a reputation as a high quality, sweet indulgence on wheels. It is almost impossible to resist temptation when passing this truck and seeing all the different, perfectly created, cupcakes on display. Almost as sweet as the delicacies themselves, the creator behind Sugar Yummy Mama, Giselle Pinto, is very artistic with her designs and passionate about her craft.  After traveling the country, Pinto went through a life changing experience that allowed her to realize her true calling, moving to Miami, and in a matter of three weeks putting together Sugar Yummy Mama with one single purpose: to make people happy.  Sugar Yummy Mama provides a wide range of flavors: for the chocolate lover there is Brrrownie Yuminess, described by Pinto as “the kind of chocolate you can’t stop eating,” and for the more exotic taste buds, there is Yummy Wuava, a true taste of the “Caribe” using a Miami traditional flavor of Guava, inspired by its people. Although gourmet, the prices are low. A delicious cake ball will be only $1.75 and a cake pop only $2. The most unique creations have to be the Cake Push Pops: a push pop filled with banana pudding or wafers and cream; Sticky Lips Bars: a mouth-watering crack pie made with oatmeal and caramel; and the Pinky Bacon: a chocolate cupcake with butter cream topping, maple syrup, and topped with bacon pieces. While there are no official locations or hours since the truck is constantly moving, the daily locations are posted on Facebook and Twitter. So, if you hear your sweet tooth calling, simply log on to Facebook or Twitter, scope out the truck’s locations, and give in to temptation.  The delicacies are so delicious they are sure to overcome the guilt!

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