Friday, March 30, 2012

Restaurant Feature: Haven

1237 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach

We first came across this Culinary Artist at the Taste of the Garden in Miami Beach’s Botanical Garden.  It was love at first bite.  After the 3rd helping of the Poke Ahi Tuna with Yam Puree & Coconut Green Curry, I was hooked! I had to go straight to the source.  Starting with jalapeño stuffed olives in my feVer Martini, I knew I was in for a wild ride.  The gastro-lounge atmosphere brings you to a cocktail party instead of merely dining at a restaurant.  The vibe changes as the night progresses, along with the décor, which encompasses you in a world created by projected screens.

As we explored the inventive creations it was almost as if multiple chefs had been flown in to prepare their own gastronomic specialties. It became obvious through the culinary chronicles that we were experiencing; Erickson’s approach reflects his passion for travel and regional cuisines.  Using the freshest, local organic ingredients, Erickson has found a way to combine his worldly skill and intricate flavors all on one menu that is easy to please anyone’s palate.  The attention to detail and devotion to the taste bud makes it so you literally can’t go wrong, from the Crackle-Pop Spicy Tuna Roll to the Duck Duck Quail & Tater Tots with Maytag bleu, even the Jerk Chicken Skewers made a statement, I have never known chicken to melt in your mouth.  Do not leave this establishment without experiencing the liquid nitrogen iced confections!

All the way from Arizona, to Texas, to the kitchen of Zuma in Miami, Todd Erickson’s reputation has preceded him and he has become one of the Stand Out Chefs of Miami!  Make a reservation now before you have to line up at the door to get a taste of Haven.

--Suzanne Okun

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